Friday, March 08, 2013

Four Tips for Law Firm Marketing Success

Law firm marketing communications that are clear, concise, consistent, and constant have the best chance for successful revenue generation.

Yesterday I was speaking with a marketing professional who spent several years in communications and brand management for the consulting division of a Big Four accounting firm. She emphasized the 4Cs, and it struck me that these same principles guide productive law firm marketing campaigns.

  1. Clear. Be bold in selecting a niche for your practice or firm. Specialists have an easier chance to stand out in today's crowded legal market. As state and federal regulations require increasing levels of compliance, for example, attorneys with in-depth knowledge can provide greater value to General Counsel or consumer clients. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that a narrow focus generates stronger returns.

  2. Concise. Delivering information clearly and in a few words sounds easy but is not. Just because you know the full scope of services offered by your firm does not mean that clients or prospects understand this. Use, words, pictures, and social media to crisply define your service offerings.

  3. Consistent. It takes five or six impressions for your message to even get noticed. This is particularly true in print advertising, direct mail campaigns, and even online promotions. Many marketers tire of the investment, and stop short of breaking through the clutter of competing messages. It's best if you go into a campaign with a plan for multiple "touch points" to get a prospect's attention.

  4. Constant. Staying the course is a definite measure of success in any law firm marketing campaign. It is very easy to stop marketing when you get busy, but the ideal approach is to create a system that keeps generating your marketing message even if you can't. Many times this means assigning an internal person (but not a lawyer) to the task, or hiring outside resources.
Remember, marketing is a process and not an event. Never stop marketing!

Legal Marketing Consultant

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