Thursday, May 17, 2012

How Law Firms Can Keep Pace with Google Search Engine Ranking Changes

Personal injury law firms and others that rely heavily on search engine traffic to keep their pipeline healthy may find the following six SEO tips useful:
  • Stay informed. Keep track of changes to Google's algorithms by following its Webmaster Central Blog.
  • Content is king. Make sure your law firm website has original and accurate information. Google places the greatest value on sites providing the best possible user experience.
  • Perform check-ups. The search terms users enter most to find your business can change. Monitor traffic from Google regularly using free Webmaster tools and make refinements.
  • Use social media. Post links to content on your site from Twitter, Facebook and other social-media profiles. Your fans may re-post the information.
  • Spread your wings. Don't rely just on Google. Look for other ways to attract people to your website, such as by running special promotions or buying ads.
  • Seek help. If your site consistently ranks low, consider having it audited by an expert in search-engine optimization.
These pointers come from a larger article in today's Wall Street Journal, titled As Google Tweaks Searches, Some Get Lost in the Web.

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