Saturday, January 22, 2011

Article Marketing for Lawyers

Publishing an article online is just the first step in a legal marketing campaign focused on the article topic. There are many ways to drive readers to your article, including:

1. Post an excerpt from the article on your blog, with a link to the full article

2. Add your article to your LinkedIn profile

3. Promote the article in an enewsletter

4. Add social media share buttons to your article page, if possible

5. Tweet about the article, including a link

Article marketing can be a very effective way for lawyers and other professionals to attract qualified prospects.

My suggestions are from a LinkedIn discussion, originated by Social Media Marketing Group Leader Michael Cohn.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Legal Marketing in Israel: New Business, Old Habits

This Guest Column is written by Adv. Zohar Fisher

Israel was always a strategic point in the globe, featuring wealthy individuals, innovative high-tech and bio-tech ideas and companies, agricultural solutions, and significant spirit and success in the global economy.

In this environment, the words 'marketing', 'branding' and 'Business Development' sounds like sweet music to the ears of every CEO and CFO, showing him that the wheels of the company he manages continue to turn.

However, there is one professional sector in Israel for which—despite the huge number of its members and intense competition—the words 'marketing' or, heaven forbid, 'branding' are unheard of terms.

The sector implied, is the Israeli legal sector. Israel today has close to 50,000(!) lawyers, which brings the country to Guinness World Record for the highest ratio between the number of attorneys and the population (one lawyer per 163 citizens).

During recent years and under pressure by many Israeli lawyers, the Israel Bar Association is starting to allow the usage of marketing and advertising tools, such as active advertising, purchasing Google Adwords, expanding websites and so on. Until recent years, these activities contradicted the Israel Bar Association ethics.

The fear for the ethics and morals of the profession continues to disturb the sleep of various committees at the Bar Association, but they could not predict the meteoric leap of the number of attorneys in Israel and the domination of the Internet and social networks on our lives.

In 1948, when Israel was founded, there were about 800 active attorneys. In 1990 the number of lawyers was 7,000, and today, the incomprehensible number is close to 50,000. Attorneys with 15 years experience are about 23% of active lawyers in Israel, while attorneys with less that 15 years experience, constitute about 77% of all active lawyers. With this number, and the tremendous competition on each client, Legal Marketing was forced to rise in Israel.

The Legal Marketing arena in Israel is in its initial stages. Many of Israel's law firms are turning into legal marketing professionals in order to use the new motivation and ammunition shaking the legal sector- websites, advertisement, cross selling, conferences, legal guides, contributing articles and so on, or in other words- at last, creating marketing efforts in this business sector.

In this environment, Robus was founded. We are Israel's first legal marketing company, specializing in providing strategic advice and business development solutions. We welcome you to feel the pulse of Israel's rising economy, and see the knots we might tie with regard to business and legal cooperation. New business - old habits.

About the Author: Adv. Zohar Fisher is the CEO of Robus, Israel's first Legal Marketing Company.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Diversity in Law Firm Marketing: 5 Biz Dev Tips

As we celebrate the Martin Luther King holiday, it is an appropriate time to consider the role of diversity in legal marketing.

Creating a distinct law firm brand in today's competitive legal market is challenging, but diversity practices provide an opportunity to stand apart from the crowd. Here are five simple ways a law firm can integrate their diverse talent into business development:

1. Consider joining the National Association of Minority & Women Owned Law Firms (NAMWOLF), if appropriate. NAMWOLF encourages major corporations and public entities to utilize the services of minority and women-owned law firms.

2. Encourage minority partners and associates to tap into natural affinity groups like the National Association of Business Owners or the National Hispanic Medical Association.

3. Broaden your firm's reach with articles published in magazines or newsletters targeted to minority business or consumer groups that are aligned with your law practice.

4. Feature photos of diverse client teams in law firm brochures and newsletters.

5. Take a leadership role in civic and charitable organizations that support the development of minority communities represented by your diverse staff members.

If you fear that budget cuts may cause you to curtail your law firm's diversity initiatives, the ABA article titled
"Law firm diversity planning on a shoestring budget" may be helpful. Here is one excerpt:

Overall, diversity planning does not have to involve a significant financial contribution. Instead, it requires a solid commitment. “In the 21st century, the legal profession faces no greater challenge than the imperative to advance diversity throughout our ranks. It is incumbent upon each one of us to do something that will make a real difference,” said Oregon Court of Appeals Judge Ellen F. Rosenblum, chair of the ABA Presidential Commission on Diversity, one of several association entities involved in the diversity report.
Also, here is a link to the ABA 2009-2010 Report on Diversity in the Legal Profession.