Monday, October 24, 2011

Law Firm Email Newsletters Attract Business

In all the excitement about social media, it can be easy to overlook older legal marketing technology like e-newsletters.

We sent out an email newsletter recently for an attorney with an insurance practice. The newsletter list was fairly small (under 250), since we are starting some new marketing campaigns, yet it was effective in delivering two solid new business opportunities.

The email platform we use is Constant Contact, but there are many similar options available.

It is easy to integrate social media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn with your email newsletter by just adding a few links into the body of your newsletter. Once your e-newsletter is distributed, you can also promote it by posting a link on Twitter or LinkedIn.

One common mistake to avoid with an enewsletter is to include an attachment. It is better to either include all your material in the body of your newsletter, or link out to a page on your website that provides the reader with more in-depth material. Attachments can get caught in spam filters, which means that some recipients will never get the chance to read your email.

Sending an e-newsletter once a month is a good schedule. Be sure to write a catch subject line, since that is a key determinant in whether your email is opened.

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