Saturday, June 18, 2011

Business Development on the Links

President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner played their long-awaited golf game today at Joint Base Andrews, as the U.S Open was also being held on the DC area Congressional Country Club.

Camaradie is the main goal of a friendly golf game, and the same can be said of tennis. Golf puts the players in a beautiful outdoor setting, away from desk-bound troubles, and forces the foursome to focus on chasing a sometimes errant ball over 18 holes filled with sand traps, odd angles, and uneven surfaces.

The personal interaction that plays out along with the game creates a common bond and closer communications. Golfers typically spend about 3 hours together; enough time to get to know the real player personalities as they face the good putts, mulligans, long drives, and rough spots.

Lawyers can take note. Now that summer is in full swing, many attorneys will hit the links with prospects and clients for an afternoon away from the office.

Deals do get done on the golf course, but even if they don't the game creates a warmer relationship that sets the stage for future opportunities. Golf is a great way to have some fun while creating business development opportunities. Every legal marketing budget should include some greens fees and fun.

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George Bailey said...

As someone completely new to the legal profession, I would like to hear a little about the proper etiquette of the golf course with clients. Any thoughts?