Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ben Glass Pledges "No Fee for Kids"

No attorney fee will be charged if the case can be settled before a lawsuit is filed. That's at the heart of a new promotion by Fairfax VA personal injury attorney Ben Glass. “For car accident cases that settle without having to file a lawsuit, there is no attorney fee charged for any child who is 12 or under at the time of the accident,” Mr. Glass says. Case expenses will be passed on to the client.

Mr. Glass, well known for his legal marketing strategies, has a website for the service at and a press release on the program.

Why give away your law firm's services?

1. Like a retailer's "loss leader," this offer is certainly intended to draw a lot of other paying clients.
2. It is another form of pro bono, which is doing good to feel good.
3. The program is drawing positive national headlines, which is good for the firm.
4. Free services for kids (and Mr. Glass has 9 himself) can be used to soften the blow when attention is brought to higher fees on other cases.
5. The geography is limited, so there are boundaries on how many clients will be accepted.

Another consideration is that if a child under 12 is injured, there was also an adult present in many of those accidents. Perhaps the adult is also injured, and therefore a full fare prospect for the law firm.

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