Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Beef is Over; Taco Bell Lawsuit Dropped

The social media defensive tactics launched by Yum! Brands in response to a Beasley Allen lawsuit were apparently successful. The Wall Street Journal reports today that the case is dropped:
"Taco Bell said the law firm that had filed suit against the Mexican fast-food chain, alleging its ground beef contained little beef, has withdrawn the litigation.

Beasley Allen, an Alabama law firm, voluntarily withdrew its lawsuit with no money or other value being exchanged between the parties, Taco Bell said. The chain, which is a unit of Yum Brands Inc., also said it isn't making any changes to its products or advertising."
The mighty consumer marketer (KFC and Pizza Hut, in addition to Taco Bell) took swift action at the time of the initial filing to respond with Facebook videos, free coupons, a press blitz, and print ads (see earlier post). It apparently worked.

This Rainmaking Lady thinks we may be entering a new era where both plaintiff and defendant will duke it out in the court of public opinion. Social media marketing techniques make it relatively easy to build a buzz and gain critical mass quickly.

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