Tuesday, February 01, 2011

CLIENT Rainmaking with a Legal Marketing Plan

Law firm marketing without a plan is like driving to a new and distant destination without a roadmap. You are sure to get lost! Creating an integrated attorney marketing plan is one of the first steps covered in the book Courting Your Clients.

CLIENT RainmakingTM is actually an acronym, where the "C" represents creation of a clearly written integrated business development plan. Here are all the steps in the process:

C Create a customized business development program
L Launch your initial business development campaigns
I Inspect the results of your campaigns
E Educate your audience on legal solutions
N Nurture the leads you develop with prospective clients
T Team with your new clients to build trust

Your marketing plan should contain strategic goals expressed as the number of new accounts you want to establish and associated revenue. Marketing techniques like building a strong referral network, marketing to current clients, speaking and publishing will help you create campaigns to generate high quality new prospects.

You may ask what it means to have an "integrated" marketing program. Simply described, it means promoting your firm simultaneously across multiple marketing channels. Law firms integrate their marketing programs by focusing on a narrowly defined competitive message and positioning statement, then communicating that message consistently across all business development efforts. You need to determine the right blend of marketing tactics for your firm, based on your message and market.

Purchasers of legal services operate in a fast-paced environment today and are often bewildered by their options when it comes to retaining an attorney. Your integrated marketing program should reach your prospective audience: 1) in the places they are looking; and 2) when they are ready to retain legal services. This will give you a better chance of winning a new account.

Visit this page for a sample of a 2011 attorney marketing plan.

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