Monday, January 03, 2011

#1 Way to Get More Law Firm Revenue in 2011

Marketing to your current clients is the absolute best way to generate profitable new revenue quickly. Your clients already know and trust you, so it is easy for them to say “yes” to more services.

This article, based on the Courting Your Clients legal marketing methodology outlined in the book by the same name, outlines five legal marketing campaigns that will help you with connect with current and past clients.

1. Write a New Year’s Client Letter

Now that the New Year is here, clients are getting ready to implement their 2011 plans. This could include hiring new employees, launching new products, opening a new office, or entering a new joint venture with an international partner. January is a natural time for you to reach out to clients with a written letter that helps them prepare for new compliance requirements or other legal challenges.

2. Send an E-Newsletter

If you have a large client list (or a small support staff), the work and cost associated with a direct mail campaign can be daunting. Consider sending your New Year’s letter via email, using a service like Constant Contact. Structure your newsletter as 3-4 informative paragraphs and add links to more information on your website. Never send an attachment your e-newsletter, since it may get lost in the spam filter.

3. Take Your Clients to Lunch

A face-to-face meeting with your best clients and prospects off the clock is always appreciated. Take the time to listen to the challenges your client needs to address in 2011, and offer solutions that will help them achieve their goals.

4. Schedule a Planning Meeting

A lunch tends to be informal and somewhat social, but you might also have clients who have need for a more in-depth account assessment. Perhaps they are new and you are still learning to work with them. Or you might suspect there is a risk that the client may put your account out for bid. Whatever the case, suggest to carefully selected accounts that you come in to their office for a 1-2 hour strategic planning session. You can review their 2010 accomplishments, identify their 2011 priorities, and talk about a schedule and program of services that best meets their needs.

5. Ask for a Referral

As you reach out to clients and prospects in January, ask those who are not currently in need of more legal services to suggest others who might be. This could come in the form of family members, friends, co-workers, or business associates. When you do get a referral, always remember to send a thank you note.

Marketing to current clients is just one of many ways you can get more business in 2011. Download a free 2011 attorney marketing plan and learn about the Courting Your Clients legal marketing methodology here.

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