Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Legal Marketing for a DUI & Criminal Practice

Who are good referral sources for a criminal attorney who handles DUI, traffic and related cases? This question arose from a reader of my legal marketing book Courting Your Clients today.

Of course non-competing attorneys and accountants can be good referral sources. Criminal lawyers might also try attorney referral services, perhaps from local bar associations or the courts. Bail bondsmen could also provide referrals.

A leads group like BNI is potentially another good source, since it gives on-going exposure to a wide audience with many contacts.

DUI attorneys might also look for other niche markets. For example, counselors at universities or high schools might be a good referral source. Students who get in trouble with the law are likely to have parents who appreciate the value of maintaining a clean record with the law. 

Here in Florida many DUI attorneys get a list of DUI offenders from the courts or police department that they use for direct mail campaigns.

Did I mention the Internet? Of course, this is an ideal source of lead generation through Internet marketing, SEO, Google AdWords, and social media (blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook).

Other forms of legal marketing for DUI and criminal offenses might include placing ads at race tracks, bowling alleys, sports arenas, or other outlets that emphasize competitive behavior.

As always, adhere to the attorney advertising guidelines for your state in these types of legal marketing campaigns. Remember, never stop marketing!

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