Sunday, November 07, 2010

How to Add a Tweet Button to your Law Firm Website

Lawyers looking for viral Internet marketing options can now add a tweet button to a web page. Visitors will then be able to easily retweet the page, giving the law firm strong word-of-mouth legal marketing benefits.

Here's how it works:
  1. Choose the style of button you want. Options include vertical or horizontal, each with or without a counter. You can also customize language regarding the tweet text, URL and language to be used.
  2. Recommend people to follow in the retweet. The default is that your own Twitter name will be included (for example, the author's is @RainmakingLady).
  3. Preview your button to confirm it works the way you want.
  4. Copy the HTML code created for you by Twitter, and add it to your webpage(s).
You can also create your own custom Tweet button if you wish using special developer tools. Full details here.

Here's WHY you should test the Tweet button on your site:
  1. Your message is more powerful when it is relayed by others to their circle of friends.
  2. You will increase online lead generation, creating new prospects for your legal services.
  3. Gain a competitive advantage by increasing your social media and SEO visibility.
You can add the tweet button to any or all pages on your website. Your law firm home page would be a good place, as well as any special "link bait" pages you create to provide valuable information for prospective clients.

Consider this as one more marketing communications tool for your legal marketing and Internet marketing campaigns.

Read more how to add a Tweet button here. This Rainmaking Lady is available to take your questions.

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