Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Competitive Intelligence Book for Law Firms

Winning new law firm business in 2011 will come after hard fought battles for market share in today's economy, especially for AmLaw 100 and 200 firms. How and where should a law firm concentrate their business development resources in order to beat the competition?

Competitive Intelligence: Improving Law Firm Strategy and Decision Making, a new book by Ann Lee Gibson (Ark Group / Managing Partner magazine, 2010), may help law firms answer that question.

According to the author, "the book is aimed at a broad audience -- partners and senior managers of law firms, CI practitioners and othes inside or outside law firms who want to understand how to apply CI in a law firm setting.

It takes a highly practical look at how CI is applied in firms. It also addresses how CI in the legal industry is similar to and distinct from CI in other industries, the challenges peculiar to law firms, typical law firm key intelligence topics and assignments, and more."

A Table of Contents and Executive Summary are available for review. Sample sections and ordering info is available here.

Marketing to your current clients is always an important part of any legal marketing plan, as outlined in my legal marketing book (Courting Your Clients), now in its 2nd edition. Since you already have a strong relationship with existing accounts, cross-sell and up-sell campaigns can help you extend your reach.

Read more about the book and author here. From one legal marketing author to another, congratulations Ann!

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Cory Liebmann said...

Thanks for the heads up on this book! I own a research firm that primarily focuses on political opposition research. Because that work comes and goes with the election cycle, I have been looking to branch out into new areas of research. Having previously been an investigator for various law firms, this seems like a natural area that is worth exploring.