Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Lack of Billable Hours = Job Loss at Husch Blackwell

Twenty attorneys were released from Husch Blackwell LLP due to insufficient 2009 billable hours. In a October 4th Law360 article by Richard Vanderford titled "Husch Blackwell Chops 20 Attorney Jobs," first reported by Above the Law, the outlook is cloudy:  

"At least one consulting firm thinks bad times for attorney job security may not be over. An analysis from a top executive at legal consulting firm Hildebrandt Baker Robbins suggested that almost 27 percent of the 65,000 non-partner lawyer jobs in the nation's top 200 law firms — 17,500 positions — could be eliminated or shifted to lower-paying assignments in the next five to seven years."

Business development continues to be a top priority on the 2011 law firm horizon, cautions this @Rainmaking Lady. Attorneys who are less than confident in their rainmaking skills should spend some time learning the basics. The good news is that these skills can be acquired with some practice. Writing articles is a good way to get attention. Social media also can be effective in attracting attention. These are just a few of the many practice development tips covered in my legal marketing book Courting Your Clients, available later this month in the second edition.

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