Wednesday, September 01, 2010

5 Legal Marketing Tips for September

Today marks the start of a natural business sales cycle. As Labor Day approaches and the summer schedule fades, here are 5 simple attorney marketing tips to help you get more business.

1. Reconnect with your network. Back to school means back to work. Organizations that went dark over the summer now offer lots of “meet-and greet” opportunities. Think of your 10 best referral sources, and make a point to reconnect with them at upcoming events.

2. Target 3 -5 prospects. Business development is a top priority at many law firms these days. Write down a list of new client candidates, and then do your homework to identify key decision makers and issues facing each company or industry. Use the many networking events available to you this Fall to make personal contacts with these prospects. Work your way up to a personal meeting as part of your effort to offer legal solutions.

3. Market to your current clients. Existing accounts are your best source of new revenue fast. Consider a client newsletter, client alert, e-newsletter, or other marketing communication that offers value. Remind clients of your full range of services for maximum cross-sell and up-sell benefit.

4. Increase your social media marketing efforts. Whether you are a novice or an expert, pick up the pace on your digital marketing communications. LinkedIn is an excellent place to start with the legal crowd, as well as Martindale Connected, JD Supra, and many others.

5. Polish your elevator pitch. You’ll need it for all the new networking events. Make it short and sweet: a) say what you do in a brief yet memorable way (i.e., ours is “we help lawyers make more money”); b) say who you do it for; and c) offer a quick benefit statement. Make a mental note, also, of the pitch provided by your conversation partners.

Start your planning efforts today and over the Labor Day weekend, so that you can get a quick start on your September business development goals.

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