Saturday, August 28, 2010

St. Louis Family Lawyer Packs a Punch

A Taser stun gun is a unique form of alternative dispute resolution used by one family lawyer who's thinking a bit outside the box. She's actually taken aim at an arguing spouse three times (but never fired), according to an article on divorce and family law in today's Wall Street Journal titled "Breaking Up Without Breaking the Bank."

From a legal marketing perspective, this @RainmakingLady suggests that safer forms of stress relief might include a water pistol, nerf balls, feather pillows, or Silly String. Even a gavel, while not quite as humorous, would be in keeping with the legal setting.

What happens if one spouse grabs the gun and takes aim at their intended ex? Then the lawyer will need a lawyer.

Crisis management PR is in the news today as we watch endless reports on the BP oil spill and the salmonella egg outbreak, but why invite trouble. One of the questions to ask before instituting any business policy or action plan is, do you want to read about it on the cover of the Wall Street Journal? Having a weapon at the ready for client disputes does not necessarily attract new business as word gets around.

In this case, the common saying that "any PR is good PR" does not seem to apply.

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