Monday, August 30, 2010

Social Media BlogChat: a 60 Minutes for Bloggers

#blogchat is a weekly conversation that takes place every Sunday night starting at 8:00 p.m. CST on Twitter. It is hosted by Mack Collier, and each week a different topic is discussed.

Last night it was "open mic" on various aspects of blogging, and I participated for the first time. Imagine Twitter on steroids; hundreds of Tweeters furiously typing questions and answers in a continuous stream of 140-character posts for a solid 60 minutes. The transcript for the August 15 session runs 126 pages!

Some of this week's discussion topics included:
  • Use of videos in blogs
  • How to select topics to write about
  • Blog copywriting techniques that engage your audience
  • Ways to add value for blog readers
For those attorneys who are trying to learn social media as part of their legal marketing initiatives, this is just one example of free educational events where you can ask questions of experts, or gain the benefit of listening to tips from more experienced users.

On the other hand, it also demonstrates how intertwined with the Internet legal marketing has become. Even marketers have a hard time keeping up with the daily advances in digital marketing campaign capabilities. From video to podcasts, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, SEO, and more, there are dozens of ways for a law firm to attract prospects online.

It was fascinating to see new ways the Internet brings like-minded people together in real time to collaborate, communicate, and create new relationships.

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Mack Collier said...

Margaret thank you for the #Blogchat recap! Hope you can join us again next week!