Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Seth Godin Ditches Publisher for Fans

Digital and Internet marketing reaches a new milestone today with author Seth Godin's announcement that he will transition from his existing relationship with the Portfolio imprint of Pearson PLC's Penguin Group to a self-publishing platform.

Future titles by this popular author of "Purple Cow" and "Linchpin" will be made available as e-books, in audio format, PDFs, podcasts, and other formats.

Demonstrating the power of a blog and an online following, Mr. Godin now has 438,000 online blog readers according to an article in today's Wall Street Journal.

This type of evolution from print to electronic, and traditional to digital Internet marketing, has many implications for legal marketing and law firms:

1. The power of social media marketing for law firms becomes more important daily, as conversations shift to an electronic format.

2. Traditional ways of doing business are shifting, sometimes dramatically, and successful law firm marketers and attorneys will aim to stay ahead of the trend.

3. Direct client relationships are critical. The elimination of the middle man (i.e., the publisher in this case) continues the march toward greater one-to-one personal contact through technology.

4. Speed to market. As an author myself, I know that self- publishing takes months out of the publishing process while also providing direct contact with book purchasers.

5. Shorter business cycles. As works move more quickly into the market, the same is true for their natural fall from the spotlight. A focus on  "what's new" underscores the need for a continuous flow of fresh material to your clients, prospects, and followers.

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