Monday, July 26, 2010

Inactive Clients are a Goldmine of Potential $

Call one every day this week to say hello. 12 legal marketing hints:

Before the Call

1. Visit the client’s website in advance and Google their name to find out what’s new.
2. See if they are active on LinkedIn or Twitter. If so, read their profiles before you call. You may learn something to help start the conversation.
3. Be ready with some legal fact or breaking news that you think would be of interest to the client. If so, perhaps you could schedule a consultation with them off the clock.

During the Call

4. Ask how their business is going, and what kind of new clients they are seeking. Perhaps you can give them a referral.
5. Tell them about a new service you are offering.
6. Share news about a case you recently handled.
7. Consider setting up a lunch if there appears to be any interest.
8. Ask if they know of anyone who might need your services

If you don’t get through on your initial call, leave a voice mail and also send an email.

After the Call

9. Take follow up action as appropriate.
10. Send an email to thank them for their time.
11. Send the client an informative article that they may find useful.
12. Mark your tickler file for your next contact.

Learn more about Marketing to Inactive Clients

Chapter 7 of my legal marketing book Courting Your Clients is titled “Mine Your Client List.” Watch for the 2nd edition of this fact-filled book, due out in early September. Add your name to our notification list via email to author Margaret Grisdela.

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