Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Big Legal Marketing Ideas on a Small Marketing Budget

We've been talking to a lot of attorneys lately who don't have much money for marketing. From AmLaw 100 firms to solo and mid-sized practitioners, marketing dollars are tight.

Let's look at the bright side, though. There are lots of low cost legal marketing campaigns available, especially when it comes to digital marketing. Here are 5 marketing tips for recession-proof marketing.

1. Set up a Google AdWords account. This "pay per click" offering means there is no cost to you unless someone clicks on your ad and visits your website. Plus you can set a daily budget to control expenses.

2. Work your referral network more aggressively. Prioritize your referral sources, and create a 1-page outline that lists your sources with a communication schedule. For example, meet with your priority "A" referral sources every 30-45 days, your "B" resources every 60-90 days, etc.

3. Schedule your own speaking event. Partner with 1-2 complementary service providers (like another attorney and an accountant) and put together an event you can all promote to your clients/prospects. Arrange to hold this in the firm with the most suitable office space, and bring in some food. You will attract attention, get new leads, and gain some positive energy.

4. Increase your visibility on social media. I was able to land a new engagement last week from an inactive client I "LinkedIn" with, and you may be able to do the same. Stay connected!

5. Write an article. If business is slow, that means you should have some extra time to pen an educational article targeting your ideal clients. Chances are good that they are grappling with the economy as well, so give them some suggestions on how to take the right legal steps to protect or enhance their business or personal situation.

See, increasing your legal marketing profile can be easy and fun! I'm writing the 2nd edition of my legal marketing book Courting Your Clients, and have a lot of ideas you may find helpful. Drop me an email and I'll share some more.

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