Tuesday, May 18, 2010

BP Selects Kirkland & Ellis for Oil Spill Litigation

Today's Chicago Tribune reports today that Kirkland & Ellis is taking the lead on the BP defense team.

Talk about the importance of personal relationships ... ties between BP and Kirkland date back to 1938 price fixing and antitrust litigation.

BP litigation is expected to be expensive, extensive, and long-lasting. The article reports:

"At least 70 suits were filed in the two weeks following the April 20 explosion, including 59 that want to proceed as a class action, according to court documents. Plaintiffs assert similar claims: that negligence resulted in personal injuries, damage to their businesses or property damage. They seek compensation, including punitive damages."

"A judicial panel that oversees multidistrict litigation is expected to hold a venue hearing in July. BP declined further comment on the pending litigation."

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