Monday, April 05, 2010

Health Care Lawyers: Start your Engines! We're Off to the Races

Detroit area law firms have devoted over 3,000 hours to combing through the 2,600 pages of the new Patient Protecton and Affordable Care Act, according to an article in Crain's Detroit Business.

Medicaid, fraud, patient rights, insurance coverage, enforcement, hospital procedures, and doctors' reimbursement are just a few of the many Act's provisions under scrutiny.

Health care law marketing materials - webinars, seminars, white papers, web pages, and more - will result from this intense analysis.

If your law firm has not started already, now is the time to stake your claim in the new frontier of this health care legislation. While many provisisons will not take effect for several years, hospitals, doctors, insurance carriers, and other health care participants are scrambling to understand their new regulations, and begin taking steps toward compliance.

Law firms taking the lead in Michigan, as noted in the article, include Dykema Gossett, Butzel Long, Warner Norcross, and Miller Canfield.

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