Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Client Relationships via Blackberry

Interesting article in The AmLaw Daily today by Paul Lippe, Founder of, titled Welcome to the Future: The Intimacy Imperative.The author suggests that long-standing close personal relationships between law firm partners and clients are increasingly left behind in today's technology-driven, sophisticated global economy.

He predicts that future relationships can be rebuilt in large part on social media and other Web 2.0 applications. This Rainmaking Lady agrees that the article serves to underscore the importance of law firm technology adoption to perform effectively with emerging communications techniques.

Here is an excerpt from the artcle ...

"Let me suggest that, counterintuitively to many firms, Web 2.0 technologies (of which Twitter is just one) actually offer the best way to reestablish Intimacy. Clients are already using Web 2.0 systems to share profiles and playbooks, to access and comment on law firm memos and alerts, and to get away from email and attachment overload in large matters, in both privileged and non-privileged modes of communication.

These systems combine the serendipitous communication of the water cooler with the formal structure of the database. Wikis, blogs, profiles, Twitter, and like tools can be used to share existing knowledge or collaborate on new work, both high volume work like commercial contracts and high complexity work like major case litigation.

... clients are inexorably leading the way back to a technology-enabled [world] that firms ignore at their peril."

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Julien Anderson said...

Agreed, there are too many technology vices out there to not keep in touch, or maintain connection with past clients. Once a relationship is established, in my opinion this should be done face to face, then from that point on a mere acknowledgement or brief response to one’s inquiry should suffice. That is the major purpose of new technology, to do things faster and better! Not for those things to be ignored.