Monday, February 01, 2010

Secrets of Intellectual Property Marketing

Lawyer rankings are one of many legal marketing techniques that play an important role in attracting new business to a law firm. Today we will focus on a current example for IP attorneys.

Recently the firm Fish & Richardson (FR) was named as a top IP law firm in the prestigious "Who Protects Innovation in America" survey, which identifies law firms that Fortune 100 companies use to protect their intellectual property. Read the release here.

Obviously there is a lot of basic blocking and tackling to build a base of successful business, but what are some of the other promotional campaigns that leading firms use to grow their practice? This Rainmaking Lady thought it would be interesting to take a quick outsider's look at this FR success (from a public domain perspective, of course). Perhaps you can get some ideas for your own business development.

Here are some "best practices" in legal marketing we uncovered that you can apply to your own firm:

1. Publicize your wins. Press releases, when picked up in leading trade publications and web portals, can forcefully tell your story. Read about FR wins.

2. Book speaking engagements. Sharing your expertise with an audience of prospects is ideal for lead generation. Prospects will get to know you, and think of you next time they need legal services. See where FR is speaking.

3. Establish ratings. Look at how FR is able to document their top rankings in the IP field.

4. Get Ink! A combination of FR published articles, Client Alerts, press coverage, and company announcements are all available for online viewing.

5. Consider Social Media. FR happens to be visible on Facebook and LinkedIn.

While every firm is different, these basic marketing steps can be customized to your practice for business development success. Talk to this Rainmaking Lady about personalizing your own legal marketing programs.

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