Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Employment Law Marketing Strategies

Employment law claims rose almost 60% in 2008, from $204,000 to $326,000, according to an article titled "Employment Law Claims on the Rise" by Michael Patrick O'Brien, Esq. Data from a recent national jury verdict research institute report says that the median employment claim settlement amount (for reported settlements) rose to the highest level in the past decade at $90,000.

A quick check of the federal court docket on PACER indicates that 2009 employment law cases (NOS 442) are up 6.4% over 2008 (13,962 versus 13,121). Federal employment law cases - including age, gender, race, religion, or nationality discrimination - are up 4% in January 2010 over the same period in 2009 (985 versus 946 cases).

How can your labor and employment law firm get named as counsel on more of these employment litigation matters? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Legal Marketing for Plaintiff Employment Cases

Attorneys seeking to represent the plaintiff in discrimination or wage-and-hour cases need to focus on the consumer market, which is very different from marketing to the corporate sector. Plaintiff's attorneys should emphasize Internet marketing (websites, blogs, Google AdWords, social media, and consumer-oriented legal directories), referrals from non-competing personal injury lawyers and other law firms who work with consumers, and possibly television or radio advertising.

Participation in the National Employment Lawyers Association can provide valuable contacts and best practices.

Legal Marketing for Defendant Employment Cases

Employment and labor law firms that want to expand their roster of corporate clients will take a much different approach. Speaking engagements, small seminars, article placement, and community involvement will all play an important role in reaching the management side. The Internet remains important to (and is frequently underappreciated by) the defense lawyer, but will serve more as a reinforcement to the sale rather than a lead generator. Referrals from other attorneys can be valuable here as well.

Employment and labor laws are complex and constantly changing, creating a wealth of topics for defense attorneys who want to establish a reputation as a thought leader in employment law. The fear factor associated with the risk of non-compliance will attract corporate prospects who are receptive to education-based marketing programs from local or national law firms.

Are your 2010 Employment Law Marketing Strategies Ready?

Contact the Rainmaking Lady to discuss your firm's legal marketing goals for business development in the area of employment and labor law.

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