Friday, January 29, 2010

Legal Marketing Strategies for Toyota Personal Injury or Product Liability Cases

Personal injury and product liability lawyers are expected to be busy for months on cases relating to the recall of Toyota vehicles for unintended acceleration, according to a January 29th Wall Street Journal article titled “Lawyers Set Aim at Toyota.” Claims for lower vehicle values, rather than injuries, are expected to be an area of emphasis.

Here are five legal marketing strategies for personal injury and product liability attorneys that can begin to generate immediate prospects for new cases:

1. A Google AdWords campaign can be launched quickly and effectively. You can manage your budget and measure the results in terms of number of impressions, site visitors, the associated click-through rate, and cost per click.

2. Optimize a landing page on your website to promote your capabilities in regard to Toyota unintended acceleration cases.

3. Use social media like blogs, Twitter, and Facebook, to attract visitors to your website.

4. Tap your referral network to let non-competing attorneys, accountants, and other professionals know that you are taking Toyota cases.

5. Notify your current and past clients about your ability to handle Toyota cases.

Other campaigns might include TV, radio, or even billboard advertising. The scope of your campaign will depend on your budget.

Internet marketing is attractive because it can be easily launched, quickly measured, and begin to yield inquiries within a very short period of time.

Of course, all promotions need to comply with your state bar advertising guidelines.

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