Monday, January 11, 2010

2010 Legal Marketing Starts with a Plan

The New Year has brought a series of calls from lawyers who are moving to new law firms, or planning to move to new law firms. Business development is on everyone's mind.

Here are some "back to basics" questions to address when you are looking for new business:

1. Who is my ideal client? For business attorneys, this is answered in terms of industry, geography, or title. For consumer attorneys - like family law or trusts & estates - it translates into age, income, gender, life stage, and related factors.

2. What are my ideal services? Clearly identify the sweet spot in your market where you can deliver the best value to the client, while providing the best return to yourself.

3. How am I tracking my pipeline? It's easy to lose track of prospects. Successful rainmakers have a leads list that monitors the progress of every potential new client.

4. Where can I reach the best prospects? Once you identify what your prospects read, the trade shows they attend, and the websites they visit, you can create a corresponding plan for speaking engagements, article publication, PR, and Internet marketing.

A free attorney marketing plan is online here, and this Rainmaking Lady is available to answer questions about your own 2010 business development efforts.

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