Friday, July 24, 2009

McDonald Hopkins Law Firm Announces Expansion

Growth through acquisitions is a good strategy in today's law firm market. Attracting seasoned legal professionals who bring a solid book of business is a sensible way for all parties to benefit.

One example is today's expansion announcement by the West Palm Beach office of business advisory law firm McDonald Hopkins.

The 130 attorney firm, with offices in Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus and Detroit as well as Florida, has attracted the founder and two attorneys of the commercial litigation firm Coates Law Firm.

Read the full press release, which proudly announces that the firm is bucking economic trends by expanding.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New York Legal Marketing Website Launched

Legal Expert Connections announces the launch of, featuring law firm marketing and forensic marketing services for New York experts and attorneys. Read the full release.

"Social media, search engine optimization and online PPC advertising make forensic and law firm marketing increasing complex," said Margaret Grisdela, president and author of the legal marketing book "Courting Your Clients." "As an outsourced legal marketing firm, we help attorneys and experts quickly implement affordable, effective business development campaigns."

The website outlines the services Legal Expert Connections offers New York lawyers and experts, including Internet and search engine marketing, article placement, arrangement of speaking engagements, attorney marketing plans, referral network management, law firm brochures, law firm websites and marketing communications (newsletters, client alerts, and direct mail).

Thought leadership marketing, which utilizes a variety of marketing techniques to help attorneys and experts stand out in their field, is another service available to New York firms.

Some legal marketing services, like article placement, speaking engagements, and PR, are available on a pay-for-performance basis, making it a low-risk option for attorneys.

Through an interactive feature of the website, visitors can chat online with legal marketing experts, in addition to contacting them by telephone and e-mail.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Legal Birds-Lawyers on Twitter

Justia now offers "Legal Birds," a site featuring legal professionals on Twitter. Organized by category and practice area, visitors can easily get to know the lawyers, law librarians and legal academics who actively Twitter on a regular basis.

Legal Birds offers a practical way to cut through the clutter of Twitter to easily find what legal leaders have to say today. For those attorneys who are wondering "what the heck is Twitter? should I be on Twitter?" this is a great place to start. You can select attorneys that you want to follow through your own Twitter account, and get ideas that you might be able to use in your own legal marketing campaigns.

This legal marketing tip comes courtesy of Internet-savvy trust and estates lawyer Patti Spencer with Spencer Law Firm in Lancaster, PA.