Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Legal Marketing Tip: Make it Easy for New Clients to Buy from You

Here are a few tips to help convince reluctant purchasers of legal services decide that they should retain you.

- Suggest starting with a less expensive project. This will help you and the client get acquainted. You can make sure the client is right for you, and they can do the same. One way to do this is to break a larger project down into smaller increments. Once the client has confidence in the working relationship, they will have less hesitation to embark on a larger, more expensive engagement.

- Offer references before they are requested. Provide letters from other clients, or facilitate in-person meetings with other clients to share news of your successful legal efforts. Of course, be mindful of any state bar regulations regarding the use of testimonials.

- Try to clearly define what you will do for the client. It can be hard to measure quality in the delivery of a service (like legal advice), and clearly establishing expectations for deliverables is one way to measure success.

- Make it easy for the client to cancel the project. This may sound contrary to your ideal arrangement, but if the client has an easy out they may be more inclined to move forward with a matter.