Thursday, October 15, 2009

Proper Pipeline Pumps the Profits

A South Florida personal injury attorney was telling me a story about how times were good when the Yellow Pages ad campaign he ran several years ago kept the phones ringing. Intake levels were strong, and the law firm didn't need to do much else to keep revenue flowing.

Fast forward to today, and the phone book ads no longer deliver the same level of results. Reasons include increased competition, higher costs, and of course the transition to the Internet. Now what?

It's a common mistake to stop marketing when you get busy. One very successful client told me he learned the hard way that the best time to get new business is when you are busy. But how can you do this?

Here are some tips to plan marketing programs that deliver steady lead generation:

1. Use an integrated approach to business development, meaning multiple channels (i.e., speaking, publishing, direct mail, Internet marketing and more). Monitor your results. When something stops working, either tweak it for better performance or replace the campaign.

2. Market to current and past clients; they are your best source of new revenue. An email or direct mail piece every 3-4 months is a great way to stay in touch.

3. The Internet allows you to market 24/7 with relatively little effort. Invest in a Google AdWords campaign, search engine marketing, a blog, social media, and other techniques that bring attention to your law firm and traffic to your website.

Legal marketing is definitely getting more complicated these days, so hire an experienced marketer if you don't have the right level of resources in-house. Your time is best spent on billable hours.

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