Saturday, August 15, 2009

Publish Blog Posts to Twitter

Attorneys who publish a blog can use Twitter to further disseminate their blog posts. It's an easy way for an attorney to test this social media application.

STEP 1. You will need:

a. A blog that is published on a regular basis
b. A Twitter account. Sign up at
c. A TwitterFeed account. Sign up at
d. Identify the URL for your blog's RSS or Atom feed (see

STEP 2. Put all the pieces together:

a. Log in to your TwitterFeed account
b. Indicate the Twitter account to receive the posts (e.g.,
c. Identify the blog name and feed URL you want to publish
d. Set up the automated feed schedule (once an hour is the default)

Now, test to make sure it all works properly. Ask the blog author to publish a new post to the blog, and watch to make sure it passes to the Twitter stream. If this is not working, you will need to review your steps.

Since Twitter only publishes 140 characters, the rest of the post will be represented by a link that TwitterFeed creates to the full blog post. This means that the writer needs to be mindful of putting important keywords in the first 100+ characters.

Using this technique, lawyers can easily participate in Twitter. It's an easy first step if you are new to Twitter.

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you.

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