Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Florida Bar Sued Over Avvo Features

Public Citizen filed a suit in federal court on April 1, 2009 against The Florida Bar. Boca Raton attorney Joel B. Rothman is the plaintiff in the matter.

Rothman was informed by the Bar that his use of Avvo - particularly his request that clients post reviews to his Avvo listing - violated the Bar's rules in regard to the use of client testimonials. Rothman claims that the Bar rules violate his First Amend rights to engage in truthful commercial advertising on the Internet.

The suit asks the court to declare the Florida Bar's advertising rules unconstitutional.

According to the release, Public Citizen successfully sued New York disciplinary authorities over that state's advertising rules, which a court ruled unconstitutional. That case is on appeal. Public Citizen also has filed a similar suit in Louisiana. The court in the Louisiana case delayed the implementation of the state's advertising rules, which had been scheduled to take effect in December.

This will definitely be an interesting case to watch.

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