Friday, July 11, 2008

New Google Feature for Law Firm Internet Marketing

Law firm marketing fans reading this column will appreciate a new Google feature that will add a competitive advantage to your legal search engine marketing campaigns.

Google now displays search volume statistics in the "keyword tool" feature. What this means is that lawyers and law firm marketing professionals can now see statistics on the approximate number of search queries matching your law firm's keywords. This data allows you to better plan your budget and pick keywords most likely to return quality leads, which in turn can help improve your ROI.

You can generate keyword ideas to boost your law firm marketing results in three ways:

  1. Select descriptive keywords or phrases. This is a great way to test new keywords for your online ad campaign to see if they might create new leads for your law firm. Just type in a word or phrase in the Google keyword tool, then click on "Get Keyword Ideas."
  2. Website content. Enter a webpage URL from your law firm website to find keywords related to the content on the page.
  3. Existing keywords. When you choose this option, Google will display your best performing keywords in the current Ad Group and suggest keyword variations that can improve your law firm Internet marketing program.
Google suggests that you may want to create an ad group around a single high-traffic keyword that you find particularly relevant to your law firm marketing program. This would allow you to closely target ad text and a landing page to that term.

Here is the "how to" in using the new Google Keyword Volume tool. It's actually quite simple. Go into an existing "Ad Group." Click on "Keyword Tool" to the right of "Add Keywords." You will then be presented with your options for discovering wonderful new keyword options for your law firm's Internet marketing program.

BOTTOM LINE: Law firm marketing professionals will find the new Google Keyword Volume tool to be an excellent way to boost Internet advertising results. As I say in my legal marketing book Courting Your Clients, "keywords are the currency of the digital economy, convertible into cash when site visitors become clients."

Remember, today's law firm must be present to win on the Internet!

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