Sunday, April 01, 2007

Martindale now offers "Top 10" Law Firm Lists

As evidence of the increasingly competitive nature of legal marketing, law firms are now being ranked monthly by Martindale-Hubbell according to several measures indicated below.
Litigation Activity. Top 10 firms are determined by the number of cases handled by each firm in Federal District Court during the previous 24 months. Litigation areas include antitrust, copyrights, insurance, intellectual property, labor & employment, patents, product liability, securities and trademarks.

Peer Review Rating. This list measures the total number of Peer Review rated lawyers at each firm during the past month, with breakdowns at the partner and associate level.

Visibility. Firm and attorney profiles that received the most page views on are highlighted in this Top 10 list.

Law firms that want to be on the "short list" for new business development will find these new Martindale lists to be either a benefit or a detriment.

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