Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Martindale Offers New Law Firm Marketing Opportunities Online

Martindale, the LexisNexis subsidiary, is borrowing a page from Google by offering sponsored placements for law firms on search results pages.

General "lawyer locater" searches on will now feature one national law firm announcement and one statewide law firm banner ad above the actual search results, according to a November 21, 2006 company press release.

Additionally, targeted national and statewide sponsorships are available in five specific legal categories:
- Aviation and Aerospace Law
- Admiralty and Marine Law
- Immigration Law
- International Law
- Military Law

Statewide sponsorships start at $2,000/year while national sponsorships start at $15,000/year.

Our Observations: This move underscores several timely marketing principles.

First, it is no longer sufficient to simply be listed in various legal directories. In the case of Martindale, the law firm participation rate is so high that it may be hard to stand out. The new sponsorship program will attract aggressive law firms that are willing to pay a premium for favorable placement.

Second, online marketing is becoming increasingly important in connecting attorneys with new legal prospects and law firm clients.

Third, your law firm's website plays a critical role in converting visitors to prospects. A basic online brochure is inadequate to instill confidence, particularly when your legal competitors have a more polished online presence.

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