Tuesday, November 28, 2006

2007 Legal Awards Database now available for Law Firm Marketing

Legal Expert Connections, a marketing and business development agency serving the legal and litigation support markets, today announced a new marketing service called the 2007 Legal Awards Database. Attorneys and legal marketers working on their 2007 law firm marketing plans can now order customized research reports on over 400 legal award listings from across the country and, in some cases, around the world.

“Competition for business in the legal market is intense, and attorneys are constantly seeking credible ways to set themselves apart,” says Margaret Grisdela, President of Legal Expert Connections. “Winning a coveted industry award from a respected third party like a state bar association or a national legal trade association is a valuable endorsement that strengthens both credibility and visibility for a law firm.”

Many law firms operate in a national or multi-state environment, making it difficult to identify and keep track of all the legal award possibilities. Generally there is little or no cost to apply for a legal award; the challenge is to identify suitable awards in time to meet the filing deadlines.Legal awards recognizing exemplary service among the public and private sectors, international markets, pro bono projects and young attorney accomplishments are all included in the 2007 Legal Awards Database.

The audience for the 2007 Legal Awards Database includes attorneys, law firm marketers, law firm administrators, marketing and PR agencies. Award records include key facts, such as the sponsoring organization, award description, filing deadlines and submission details.

The 2007 Legal Awards Database is available for private research on a per-request, fee basis. Research is conducted by Legal Expert Connections and clients are provided with profiles of legal awards in the states and practice areas of interest to them. © 2006.

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